Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Final Goodbye

a kitten waving goodbye
Ms. Averitt,
Wow, this semester went by fast.This class was extremely helpful and I plan to take what I learned and put it all to good use. I'm glad I had such a great teacher, who could explain things to where I could understand them, took their time and helped everyone in the classroom and not just a few people. You were very understanding and helpful this whole semester. You are a wonderful teacher and I hope to see you around some time.

Dear Classmates,
This semester is already over! can you believe it! it has flown by. I'm glad I had such a great, fun and exciting group of classmates to enjoy the semester with. I hope you all the best of luck going in to your teaching career!

God Bless,



The first day of class I was so overwhelmed, when I read that sylabi, I thought WOW, there are so many projects, and I'll never get done with all of them, I don't know how to any of it. As the semester went on and I found out what a great teacher we had and that Ms. Averitt discussed and went over ever project, that's when I took a deep breath and knew that I would get through the semester.

All the projects that we discussed Blogging, was the one that I never heard of or even attempted for that matter, so I was really nervous. Come to find out I really enjoyed doing the post that were assigned and found that this blogging stuff could really be useful for when I become a teacher. Blogging is a neat way of sharing what you feel with different things, it would be a great tool for all the teachers to use it.

Presentations were a lot of fun, I thought. I enjoyed listening to every one's about me presentation, you really get to know who they are and what they are all about during this presentation. You can really get to be yourself, and have fun with that presentation. Our Professional Presentations were also a lot of fun. I personally, learned a lot from each and every presentation that was given. Some had some useful information that I didn't know or wasn't sure of. I think these presentations should be kept in the curriculum for this class and maybe add another fun one for the students to do so they can get use to standing in front of an audience.

Excel, I think was my favorite project of all. Excel was so helpful and I learned how to do tables and do the grade book, that I have yet to learn in any of my other classes. The formulas weren't that difficult once you got the hang of it. I think it's my favorite because I know that when I become a teacher it's going to be the most useful thing that I've gained from this class and will help me.

Our podcast was so much fun! Heather and I had a lot of fun planning our podcast. What to say, the format, what was going to be the topic, how we were going to present it. While doing the Podcast, it gave me so many ideas for when i become a teacher that I can incorporate it into my class, and have fun with it with my students.

PLN's, well I'm going to be honest! I didn't really like this project, you encountered a lot of difficulties during this assignment. Some of your better contacts wouldn't respond or they wouldn't answer your question in one email so your playing email tag, I thought that it wasn't a useful or helpful assignment to do for this class.

Comment4kids, LOVED IT! Reading all the students post and had to hear what they said in some of them was fantastic! I enjoyed commenting on these students, they were so funny, they brought you back to when you were little, and believe it or not they have a lot to say, and its funny what they find interesting. I wished we had more students that we could have commented on. I would leave this in the syllabus.

The videos and websites that we visited was awesome. Most of the videos we watched said a lot of interesting information that opened my eyes. The websites like, ACCESS and Alex were great sites to visit. I'm so glad that we had to research and know more about them, they are great resources for teachers and I would recommend them to anyone.

This class has taught me so much, that I probably would of never learned anywhere else. I'm excited that I learned everything I did and think that it will all do some use. The only thing that I didn't like in this class was the PLN's. I wouldn't say that the class was exciting but you were always busy working on your projects and trying to keep a good pace so you wouldn't get left behind. I was a little bored at times, mainly when I caught on to something that others may not and I had to sit there and wait for those to get what we were talking about. Other than that we had a pretty cool class and we all had a good time. i didn't find anything to be Intellectually Challenging, It was all simple if you read and followed directions. As I said before the only thing I didn't enjoy was doing the PLN. I would probably delete that from the course all together. I think I'm SOMEWHAT technologically literate, but know I could learn a lot more. I think that some of what we went over I will still continue to do when I graduate and when I start teaching. I have learned a lot from this class and will put it to good use.

a blue background and in white letters it says the end

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Good and The Bad

cartoon picture of a teacher pointing to a chalk board that says rules to the class which is two dogs and a cat
For this assignment we were to read Seven Stupid Mistakes and Seven Brilliant Things Teachers Do with Technology by Doug Johnson; Also we were to read the list of New Classroom Rules by Education Innovation.

Seven Stupid Mistakes:

2. Treating a school computer like a home computer. Teachers who use a school computer to run a business, edit their kid's wedding videos, or send tasteless jokes to half of North America (including that fundamentalist math teacher down the hall) are being stupid. Teachers who take their computers home and let their kids hack on them are being stupid. Teachers who don't own a personal computer for personal business deserve to get into well-deserved trouble.

****I picked this one because I think it's important for teachers to know that a school's computer is not for your use, it's for keeping your students grades, school board emails and etc. Like Mr. Johnson stated it's not for you to send funny emails or to download pictures to and what not. And teachers who do do this,I agree, are stupid!

3. Not supervising computer-using students. It is really stupid to believe Internet filters will keep kids out of trouble on the Internet. If they choose to do so, even the slow kids who can't get around the school's filter, can still exploit that 10 percent of porn sites the filter won't catch. They can still send cyberbullying e-mail -- maybe even using your e-mail address. Or they can just plain waste time.

***** I picked this one to, this one is really important. You should also supervise children while they are on the computer to make sure they are doing what they are suppose to be doing. Some students think that they can get away with it and it will be okay cause the teacher wont find out about it, because some teachers don't watch their students while they are occupying them. I think that teachers should really keep an eye out so that students wont get on these sites, cause it will all come back on the teacher anyways.

Seven Brilliant Things Teachers Do With Technology:

6. Use the kids’ own devices to teach them. Brilliant teachers understand the old Arab proverb, "It's easier to steer the camel in the direction it is already heading." Students are increasingly and unstoppably bringing in personal communication devices -- cell phones, cameras, game devices, iPods/mp3 players, netbooks, laptops, and PDAs. Brilliant teachers know how to use cell phones to poll their classes; create podcasts of lectures for later review; use games to teach difficult concepts; and make "Google-jockeys" of student wireless laptop users. Read the report, http://www.joanganzcooneycenter.org/publications/index.html?tr=y&auid=4393966 Pockets of Potential for a great overview of this topic

****I really think that this topic is very interesting! I think teachers should incorporate these items in their classroom, I believe that students would learn a lot more, and the interest level would rise if they were to use the things that they owned! Cell Phones, Cameras these things would really help the students have the hands on experience they may need.

5. Accept the role of co-leaner. One of the best signs of intelligent people is that they tend to willingly admit when they don't know something. Brilliant teachers not only accept the dismal fact that they will never know all there is to know about technology, they also turn that condition into a classroom advantage by having their brilliant children teach them how to do something techie now and then.

*****This is so true. No matter how much you think you know about a topic/subject there is always something new to learn about it. I believe that you will never know ALL there is to know about something, and that it's true that brilliant teachers/persons tent to willingly admit when they don't know all there is to know about something. Accept the role of co-learner, cause you will learn from your students as they will learn from you to.

New Classroom Rules by Education Innovation;

6. Don't Talk to your neighbors, unless you are sharing your ideas, asking for help or giving help

**I agree you should be able to talk to your neighbors to share your ideas give them help when they ask for it or ask your neighbor for help when you need it. Some students learn this way by having another student demonstrate and walk them through it, which the teacher can't do to each and every individual student in the classroom, so why not.

3. Leave your seat only when necessary, which should be often to go collaborate with others or demonstrate something to the class

****This one also caught my eye, we are always telling our students to sit down, don't move. When actually they should be up with the other students sharing and comparing projects,ideas and etc. Having the students up and moving keeps their brain active instead of sitting all day. Have them up and moving with the other students.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Professional Blogging

For this assignment we were to read 5 post made by Teachers.

The first blog that I read was written by teachernz. In this post named "Pencils and crayons to be banned in schools" was really interesting. In this post it says that pencils and crayons if found on students will be confiscated; this is a new law coming into force later in the month. Teachernz says that the pencils are being used to poke people and are spent more time being sharpened than doing actual classwork. I do agree that sharpening your pencils and passing notes are disruptive in our classrooms but if taught at the beginning of the year (Classroom Management) the students will know your rules and if you enforce those rules you shouldn't have a disturbance in your classroom, but if by chance you do then yes confiscate them and notify the parent because it your rules.

The second post I read was by William Chamberlain called "Using Skype to Connect with Others". This post was really interesting, he talked about using Skype to communicate with other classrooms around the world! I do agree that it gives the students an opportuninty to see the different cultures and to see the similarites and differences amonth themselves. Skyping I think is a great way to connect with other individuals and to learn so much more in a different way. I am planning on incorporating Skype into my future classroom.

The third post I read was by Jarrod Lamshed. He wrote about Using Technology for Effective Communication. I do agree that teachers should be aware of current practices and participate in appropriate in-service training. We should know all the new gadgets and websites that the students/parents may be on. In his blog he says that it's difficult to communicate with the parents, and that it may be the hardest part of his job. Parents don't check their e-mail frequently, or don't answer the phones when called, he says the most effective way he has done to reach parents is by facebook. Facebook, Twitter he states seemed to be checked more frequently than regular emails and that's how he gets in touch with the parents. I myself tend to do this. I check my facebook account more than I check my e-mail, why? I have no idea!

The fourth post I read was written by William Chamberlain and it was about the usage of technology in the classroom. He feels that other classroom teacher should use technology, but wonders if he's pushing his passion onto them; He asked the question "Are we pushing it or just catching up with today's times?". I feel as though it's being pushed a little bit. That we need to try all the latest technology and that we should have them in our classrooms, and yes I do belive we should stay up to date on all the new things coming out such as smartboards, but feel as though if we want it then we do if not than we don't!

My last post I read was titled "Helping students Crate Positive Digital Portfolios" by William Chamberlain. He states in his post the violence in the younger students in today's society and he expressed the need to help them showcase their positive experiences. Mr. Chamberlain mentioned some examples on how to do this and that way was by digital content, to express themselves and to create a positive self, to be shared through digitally. I believe this to be a great point, Student should have this opportunity.

This assignment was very interesting because you got to read what other teachers are doing with their classes and gives us future teachers ideas of what to incorporate into our classrooms.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Future of "Whatever"

a picture of Michael Wesch
Michael Wesch's Video really caught my eye. It was really interesting to here some of the valid points he made. This video discusses how the media is controlling how we communicate. How its removing the one-on-one with others instead of bringing us together. Mr. Wesch also points out that technology has came along way and how it's changing over time. Also, how the media is having an effect on the way we communicate for example: I know personally, that there is so much now with all the new technology that everywhere you look people are on their phones texting,emailing,Facebook, etc.. and I see this while class is going on here at South, while we are suppose to be listening to the teacher.

Also throughout this video he talked about our culture and how our culture is headed in the future. he said that today's culture is self-centered and some of those characteristics he gave were people who have short attention spans, or materialistic, also those who are not easily impressed. I also know that I see people with the Whatever attitude and don't really think of it as selfish, but do see the point Mr. Wesch made about narcissism and how it leaves us being self centered and disengaged. These things are all contributed through media. Professional, I know my students will be wrap up with all of the new media and the "whatever" attitude, but hopefully I can steer them in a different direction, because you can't get the same connection you can when you have the one-on-one interaction with a person than you can on the computer.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Children Posting to the Internet

a picture of Mrs. Goerend's
the bloggers homepage layout
facebook logo bubble letters written in blue on white background
I think allowing students to post their own ideas on the Internet lets them express themselves. It allows them to connect to other students and get to comment on others post like on Mrs. Georends Class Blog. These students get to share stories that they have encountered and really get to share their experiences with anyone who wants to read. They get great feed back from their classmates and others. I think posting their thoughts on their blog really gets them excited. I believe allowing students to see each others work and comment on them or have other people comment on them it gets them motivated, and want to do more.You as a parent or a teacher just have to keep close eye so that you know what they are putting out there for the world to see. Making assignments, or telling your child/student what is acceptable and what isn't. Facebook, is another way to connect and share your ideas with people from all over the world. The PS 22 Landslide Video, is another great example of students sharing how they feel.

These different examples are great ways to really share how you feel, do assignments, share experiences and connect with people from all around the world. I think it's important that students share what they want on the Internet that is acceptable. Weather or not it be on Facebook, YouTube, or on Blogger or etc..

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Comment For Kids (Part 3)

three cartoon children holding hands
For this weeks assignment, I commented on Taelor's Blog. Her blog was about High School Chemistry Lab. She stated in her post that she did an experiement using colors and how she had a partner named chase and her leaders were Olea and Andrea. This is what she wrote about her experiment: "Our process was, we got filter paper and cut a hole in it. We drew a circle around it with washable markers. The colors we used were black, green, blue, red, and mixed colors. We had to fold a piece of thick paper into a triangular shape and stick that piece of paper into the hole in the filter paper. Then we stuck the filter paper and the triangular piece of paper into a glass of water. Pretty soon the colors started to separate. For the green, the yellow molecule is lighter than the blue molecule so they separated. For the red, the white molecule was lighter than the pink molecule so they separated. For blue, the white molecule was lighter than the light blue so they separated. The black was the coolest because it has every color in it so it was like all the colors mixed together to make one really cool science experiment." I commented on her blog and told her that the experiment sounded really fun and that she needed to keep up the good work she is doing, That I really enjoyed reading her post.